Welcome to CleanEarth. Our business is soil and water remediation. Through our two operating companies, CleanEarth Technologies and CleanEarth Industrial Services, we are a world-leader in providing our clients with turn-key environmental solutions and services to eliminate their soil and water liabilities.

Soil Remediation: Fixed Facility

CleanEarth’s Halifax Facility, Canada’s first and only commercial soil washing and soil recycling facility, is a licensed treatment facility permitted through the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour. The contaminated soils that we receive are often complex in nature and contain both physical (oil/fuel, debris) and chemical (organic and inorganics such as hydrocarbons, PAHs, and heavy metals) contaminants. The substantive removal of all contaminants from the soil matrix in a cost-effective manner is essential and CleanEarth’s proven track record in this regard is what differentiates us from the competition.

We currently remediate over 120,000 tonnes of soil annually at our facility, at process production rates between 90 and 150 tonnes per hour, depending on the specific soil composition. CleanEarth’s facility can handle any size of job, can receive soils 12 months a year, and can treat the following:

  • Heavy Metals;
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons;
  • PAHs;
  • Contaminated sulphide bearing material (Pyritic slate);
  • Any combination of the above.

Soil Remediation: Mobile Treatment

CleanEarth’s technological processes have been engineered to be mobile and can be transported to a client’s site where the soil is remediated and re-used on site. The closed loop mobile systems are self-contained, do not make a lot of noise, do not give off any fumes, and can operate on a small footprint. The mobile processes have been successfully used on a variety of sites including environmental disaster recovery sites, high profile urban sites, and remote environmentally sensitive locations.

Benefits of Mobile Treatment Include:

  • Rapid deployment capability to respond to environmental disaster recovery;
  • Reduced trucking and offsite disposal costs;
  • Reduction of materials going to landfills;
  • Reduced costs for replacement material through re-use of remediated material on site;
  • On site treatment of the full range of contaminants including heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, and VOCs.
  • Minimal project carbon footprint, energy and water use efficient;
  • Reduced truck traffic and general disruption in the neighbouring community.

Water Remediation

In a typical operational season CleanEarth will treat and recycle over 500 million litres of process water as part of the soil treatment activities. It was CleanEarth’s drive to reuse 100% of the soil washing waters that led to the development of our proprietary water treatment systems.

Fixed Facility Water Treatment

At its facility, CleanEarth can treat wastewaters contaminated with total suspended solids, metals, PAHs, and hydrocarbons. We utilize different processes and equipment to treat over 100,000 litres per day. Prior to discharge, all of the waters are third-party tested to ensure they attain drinking water quality.

Mobile Water Treatment

Utilizing our mobile processes CleanEarth provides water treatment and dewatering services at client’s properties. Our systems actively remediate dissolved and free phase petroleum hydrocarbons, total suspended solids, PAHs, metals, and volatile organic compounds in water. Our processes have been used to treat surface water, groundwater, and industrial process water to drinking water standards at production rates of 340 litres to 1,500 litres per minute.

PFOS Treatment

Driven by the Principles of Sustainability, CleanEarth is continually undertaking R&D activities to provide a fuller range of environmental solutions.

One of our current R&D objectives is to find a treatment solution for Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs), specifically (Perflourooctane Sulfonate) PFOS. These materials were manufactured since the 1940s and used in numerous applications world-wide, such as fire-fighting foams, floor polishes, and metal plating. PFOS is listed as a Persistent Organic Pollutant because of its significant adverse effects on human health and the environment.

CleanEarth has now successfully treated PFOS impacted water to non-detect levels. With these positive results we are currently proceeding with a larger scale testing program. We are confident these tests will confirm our initial work and will result in the first marketable, cost effective treatment solution for PFOS.

In-Situ Remediation Unit

CleanEarth has successfully completed numerous in-situ remediation projects throughout Atlantic Canada. Our technologies utilize chemical, biological, and electrical processes to destroy and remove contamination in soil and groundwater from hard-to-reach places such as under building foundations, active roadways, and parking lots. In our role as environmental contractor, we have provided our clients with a more cost effective and less disruptive remedial option for a range of residential and commercial property clean-ups.

In-situ remediation does not have one ‘cookie cutter’ solution. Every project is different and the optimum methods vary depending on the site conditions. For each project CleanEarth conducts a feasibility and associated treatability study to determine the preferred remedial technology. Based on this we provide our clients with a project timeline, the results that will be achieved, and a cost guarantee for the project.

Depending on the project requirements, CleanEarth can also combine the services of CleanEarth Industrial Services to provide the best overall solution and value to the client.

Health, Safety & Environment

At CleanEarth Technologies we are committed to continuously improving our health, safety and environmental program in order to protect our employees and the environment in which we operate. Recognizing that health, safety and environmental compliance are a shared responsibility between management and workers, our health, safety and environment program is at the core of our business values.

We strive to create a work environment where there are zero accidents/ injuries, to provide safe working conditions for everyone, conduct regular safety training and meetings as required, and work to have a thriving internal responsibility system, where everyone is accountable.

Our health, safety and environmental program components include key programs such as Safe Work Practices and Procedures, Hazard Assessment, Audits and Inspections, Records and Statistics, Training, and Safety Committee responsibility. These programs and policies apply to our fixed facility, client sites and to contractors working at our facilities or on our job sites.


At CleanEarth we are building a reputation as a company that does things differently.
Our innovative solutions allow us to deliver new options to clients that enable them to move forward with many different projects.


CleanEarth is a Canadian company focused on providing leading edge soil and water remediation solutions to the market. These solutions are cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

CleanEarth has treated over 800,000 tonnes of contaminated soil. We have developed our processes to the point where 95% to 99% of the soils we treat are re-used as clean sand, gravel, rock and clay. CleanEarth is a market leader in material re-use and landfill diversion.

Clean water is a precious resource. CleanEarth has treated over 300,000,000 litres of contaminated water to Drinking Water Guidelines.

Driven by the Principles of Sustainability, CleanEarth and its highly skilled professionals and tradespeople will continue with intensive R&D activities and innovative projects working towards being recognized as one of the leading innovative environmental services and technologies firms in the world.


Our business is soil and water remediation. Our mission is to eliminate soil and water liabilities for our clients in an environmentally safe manner on remediation projects ranging from basic to highly complex, anywhere in the world. We are industry experts in applying innovative technologies and testing processes to bring customized, sustainable and cost-effective results to our clients.


Our focus on core remediation technologies challenges us to seek out new environmental applications and solutions for the benefit of employees, clients, and communities, nationally and internationally.


CleanEarth has developed leading edge patented processes for soil and water remediation. The removal of all contaminants from the soil and/or water is essential and CleanEarth’s proven track record is this regard is what differentiates us from the competition.

Before any soil or water treatment project is undertaken, an extensive pre-treatability review of the actual site conditions and materials to be treated is completed. Following completion of this initial review, more detailed work is undertaken on representative site samples at CleanEarth’s state-of-the-art contaminated soil and water treatability laboratory to develop a site specific, optimum treatment process.

Our focus is our clients. We do not proceed on any project until the solution, schedule, and cost meet client expectations.


Greg Hughes

President & CEO


Colin Morrell, B.Sc., B.A.Sc.

Senior Vice President, 
Research & Development


Heather MacKay, P. Eng.

Director of Facility & Process


Ron Pachal

Director, Business Development



November 30, 2017:

CleanEarth is very pleased to announce that Public Works and Government Services Canada has awarded CleanEarth Industrial Services (CEIS) the Regional Master Standing Offer (RMSO) for the pumping and disposal of oily waste water and fuels from Department of National Defence and Canadian Coast Guard vessels.

The RMSO is for a three-year period with an estimated 4,000,000 litres of oily waste to be disposed of on an annual basis.

CEIS will provide all the services to pump and transport the oily waste to CleanEarth Technologies facility, located in the Aerotech Business Park, for the treatment and handling of all the waste.

April 12, 2017:

Greg Hughes is very pleased to announce the addition of new business partners and welcomes Jim Brennan, Thane Stevens and Scott Stevens to CleanEarth Technologies and CleanEarth Industrial Services.

Jim brings years of experience as an entrepreneur, and currently owns a number of small businesses in the area and recently held a senior position with Bird Construction. Jim was a previous owner of Rideau Construction, which was purchased from Bird a few years ago.

Thane and Scott Stevens are owners of the Stevens Group of Companies. The Stevens family has been in business for almost 100 years in the Atlantic Region. Some of their companies include; BD Stevens (BDS), Quality Concrete, Gateway Materials, Rosecrest Communities and Stevens Group Properties just to name a few.

Greg also announced that Glenn Clark would be leaving as part owner of CET and CEIS, and thanked him for his hard work and efforts in creating what CET is today and for also assisting in the creation of CEIS.

This change in ownership will allow CET and CEIS to accelerate their current growth strategies.

September 4, 2014:

CleanEarth is very pleased to announce that on September 4th, 2014 Approval was received from Nova Scotia Environment to operate a Wastewater Treatment Facility at our current facility on Aerotech Drive.

With this Approval CleanEarth can treat at the facility wastewater and associated sludges contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, suspended solids, and metals.

This Approval expands and complements the scope of services CleanEarth can now provide at its combined Contaminated Soil and Wastewater Treatment Facility.

August 21, 2013:

CleanEarth welcomed the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of PWGSC; The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and Regional Minister for NS; The Honourable Candice Bergen, Minister of Social Development for Canada; The Honourable Darrell Dexter, Premier of Nova Scotia; and Jim Irving, Co-CEO, J.D. Irving Limited, to its facility as part of Irving Shipbuilding’s Halifax Shipyard Modernization announcement. Since late 2012, CleanEarth has provided soil and water remediation services at the Halifax Shipyard.

” The selection of suppliers for our modernization program is the result of a rigorous procurement process where we assess quality, reliability, experience and cost to select the company that will help us deliver the best value to Canada.”
– Jim Irving, co-CEO, J.D. Irving, Limited

July 31, 2012: Nunacor Partnership

CleanEarth has recently announced a new partnership with Nunacor to seek out environmental contracting and remediation service opportunities within the Labrador region.


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